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A Holiday at the WHITE HOUSE

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1989-11-21_1223 Kaufmanns Dept Store Pittsburg Pennsylvania WHR


A Holiday at the WHITE HOUSE

This incredible exhibit, hand-carved by master craftsman and White House historian John Zweifel, became a reality after years of painstaking research and more than 400,000 man hours. The solid white columns, gleaming facade and splendid porticos of the White House are captured in a genuine reproduction, on a one inch to one foot scale, complete in every detail. The exhibit is decorated for Christmas for the Pittsburgh showing.

❑ Every tiny painting matches the exact color and texture of the original work.

❑ Furniture is constructed from the same woods used in the original pieces.

❑ Drapes and bedspreads are duplicated down to the last tassel.

❑ Telephones ring, quarter-inch television sets work, fountains shoot water.

❑ Miniature clocks keep time

❑ Tiny lights illuminate delicate chandeliers. ❑ Wall switches turn on and off.

❑ Chimneys puff white smoke.

Plus, see other key exhibits:

❑ Christmas cards, ornaments and presidential family photos.

❑ Lincoln, Kennedy and Bush Oval Offices.

❑ State dinner display, including actual White House place settings, chairs and authentic floral arrangements.

❑ An array of miniature masterpieces, including presidential artwork done on a grain of wheat, the head of a pin and much more.

For information call 622-6424 or 622-6425
Proceeds to benefit WQED

November 21 through December 23

11th Floor Auditorium

(Check in on 9th Floor)

Kaufmann's Department Store,


Weekdays and Saturdays

11 am-7 pm

Sundays 11 am-5 pm

Adults $5

Youths (12 and under) and

Senior Citizens $3

Additional Time Blocks for Groups:*

Weekdays and Saturdays

9-10 am

10-11 am

Sundays 10-11 am

*Groups (25 or more) $3/person Group discounts available by advance purchase only

Poster Size: 16 1/2" x 12" 


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