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Resolute Desk
RESOLUTE DESK- The Resolute desk is a large, nineteenth-century...
This fascinating, one-of-a-kind, miniature reproduction of the White House......
building the white house
On October 13, 1792 the corner stone was placed,...
On display are over a dozen actual LIFE-SIZE reproductions...
Used for receptions, luncheons, larger formal dinners, and state...
You don't have to go to South Dakota to...
The Four Freedoms were goals articulated by United...
404 We the People have not finished creating...

A Holiday at the WHITE HOUSE

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1989-11-21_1223 Kaufmanns Dept Store Pittsburg Pennsylvania WHR


A Holiday at the WHITE HOUSE

This incredible exhibit, hand-carved by master craftsman and White House historian John Zweifel, became a reality after years of painstaking research and more than 400,000 man hours. The solid white columns, gleaming facade and splendid porticos of the White House are captured in a genuine reproduction, on a one inch to one foot scale, complete in every detail. The exhibit is decorated for Christmas for the Pittsburgh showing.

❑ Every tiny painting matches the exact color and texture of the original work.

❑ Furniture is constructed from the same woods used in the original pieces.

❑ Drapes and bedspreads are duplicated down to the last tassel.

❑ Telephones ring, quarter-inch television sets work, fountains shoot water.

❑ Miniature clocks keep time

❑ Tiny lights illuminate delicate chandeliers. ❑ Wall switches turn on and off.

❑ Chimneys puff white smoke.

Plus, see other key exhibits:

❑ Christmas cards, ornaments and presidential family photos.

❑ Lincoln, Kennedy and Bush Oval Offices.

❑ State dinner display, including actual White House place settings, chairs and authentic floral arrangements.

❑ An array of miniature masterpieces, including presidential artwork done on a grain of wheat, the head of a pin and much more.

For information call 622-6424 or 622-6425
Proceeds to benefit WQED

November 21 through December 23

11th Floor Auditorium

(Check in on 9th Floor)

Kaufmann's Department Store,


Weekdays and Saturdays

11 am-7 pm

Sundays 11 am-5 pm

Adults $5

Youths (12 and under) and

Senior Citizens $3

Additional Time Blocks for Groups:*

Weekdays and Saturdays

9-10 am

10-11 am

Sundays 10-11 am

*Groups (25 or more) $3/person Group discounts available by advance purchase only

Poster Size: 16 1/2" x 12" 


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