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The Pine Tree State

Capital: Augusta

Statehood: March 15, 1820 (23rd state)

Motto: Dirigo. (1 direct.) 40th in Population: 1,286,670

Area: 35,387 square miles (39th largest)

Bird: Chickadee

Flower: White pine cone

Original Peoples: Abnaki, Penobscot, Passamaquoddy

Maine's Down East Yankees, characterized as taciturn and dour with a wry wit matching the rugged and hard-bitten landscape, are identified with the English and Scotch-Irish Protestant early settlers. Before statehood, the area was ruled by Puritan Massachusetts. Between 1830 and 1860, the state thrived through shipbuilding and world trade in lumber, ice, granite, and lime.

Did you know? Maine is nearly 90% forest, and its famous rockbound coast, where powerful tides run between 12 and 24 feet, totals (including islands) about 3,500 miles.