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2006-08-10 MAGAZINE The Dolls House Magazine The Best Dolls Houses EVER 001b WHR

 Best Dolls' Houses EVER!

The White House in Miniature is an incredibly detailed 1:12 scale model created by the John and Jan Zweifel, conceived as "a gift to the people...

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Dallas Morning News Dallas Texas September 28, 2001   

It's a model home gone mad, a mini-mansion under perpetual renovation, a dollhouse fit for royalty. U.S. royalty, of the elected kind. "The White House in Miniature" is...

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2001-08-08-19 RACK-CARD The Miniature White House Exhibit at the Indiana-State-Fair-003


 For 12 days, you can view the White House replica at the Indiana State Fair in Edy's Grand Hall. This extraordinary exhibit...

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1989-10-21-pittsburg-press 002

Pittsburg Press  Clermont Florida December 14, 1994 

The famous words "And so, my fellow Americans—ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country" were uttered by President John F. Kennedy...