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Zweifel completes White House model

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1976-01-26 Monroe Evening Times Zweifel completes White House Model Monroe Wisconsin 001b WHR
1976-01-26 Monroe Evening Times Zweifel completes White House Model Monroe Wisconsin 001a WHR



Zweifel completes White House model

 January 26, 1976   The Monroe Evening Times

SIXTEEN YEARS IN THE MAKING — John Zweifel of Orlando, Fla., grandson of Mrs. N. K. Zweifel of New Glarus and of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ray Young of Monroe, is pictured with his 12-foot long model of the White House which he has completed. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Zweifel of Evanston, now in Florida for the winter. His mother is the former
Kathryn Young of Monroe. His father, a native of New Glarus, attended Monroe High School. The above picture was taken while on display last month at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington. Zweifel is shown sitting at the North Portico side of his model which took 16 years to complete. (AP Wirephoto)

John Zweifel, whose mother is a Monroe native, has been featured in an article and picture, syndicated nationally by the Washington Post News Service, telling of his completed miniature scale model of the White House which was then on display at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington.

Zweifel, who began making models at an early age, began work on his "Biggest Little Circus on Earth," at the age of 6, having apparently inherited a love for the circus and his artistic ability from his maternal grandfather, the late Ray "Sport" Young of Monroe. At the age of 14, he had a complete "big top" made.

Continuing to add to the circus, it was shown in Chicago in 1963 and then taken on a tour to Australia, Mexico and Canada, and was sold to the Circus World Museum at Baraboo in 1966. He also built a miniature Show Boat.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Zweifel, formerly of Monroe. Mrs. Zweifel is the former Kathryn Young.

In his White House model, which is 12 feet long, made on a scale of one to 12, each room is complete, with the many lights lighting up, and fringes on the bedspreads.

There is a possibility of the White House model being shown in Rockford in February, according to his mother. Miss Charlotte Young, Monroe, is a great-aunt of the artist.

Details include a dining room table set with miniature dishes and hand-blown crystal for 100 guests, crystal chandeliers, chairs, Cabinet tables and desks, all done following research by Zweifel. He began carving and furnishing the model 16 years ago.

Zweifel has told of the cooperation of the Ford Administration when he spent a few months there working and measuring. He figures that the model has cost him about a third of a million dollars, according to a report. Leaflets have been printed to explain the miniature White House.

Zweifel resides in Orlando with his wife and six children, the youngest of which is only a few weeks old. His parents, who reside in Evanston, spend the winters in Winter Park, Fla.

John Zweifel is employed making displays for stores, including Neiman-Marcus, I. Magnin, Woodward & Lathrop.

Of the White House model, Miss Charlotte Young says, "It's a master-piece."

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