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Resolute Desk
RESOLUTE DESK- The Resolute desk is a large, nineteenth-century...
This fascinating, one-of-a-kind, miniature reproduction of the White House......
building the white house
On October 13, 1792 the corner stone was placed,...
On display are over a dozen actual LIFE-SIZE reproductions...
Used for receptions, luncheons, larger formal dinners, and state...
You don't have to go to South Dakota to...
The Four Freedoms were goals articulated by United...
404 We the People have not finished creating...

Home Show opens Monday

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1976-02-25 Morning Star Rockford IL small WHR
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Jan Zweifel checks over replica of Whitehouse ... She and husband created scale model

Home Show

opens Monday


More than 80 businesses related to the housing industry will be exhibitors at this year's Rockford Home Builders Show March 3-7.

Peter Daul, executive vice president of the Rockford Home Builders Association, estimated this year's show at Cherryvale Mall will draw a quarter of a million visitors.

Last year 200,000 persons attended the show, he said.

The center of attraction at the show, Daul said, will be a hand carved miniature of the White House which has been traveling across the nation in observance of the Bicentennial.

John Zweifel, a native of Monroe, Wis., and his wife Jan created the 952-square-foot replica on an one-inch-to-one-foot scale.

Visitors to the home which took 16 years to build will see reproductions of the Oval Office, Red Room, Blue Room, Green Room, East Room, State Dining Room, Yellow Oval Room, Treaty Room, Lincoln Bedroom and Sitting Room, Diplomatic Reception Room and Map Room.

Aglow with hundreds of tiny lights from crystal chandeliers and antique china lamps, each historical room is complete to every detail with authentic replicas of furnishings and decor.

For the hand carvings of beds, chairs and tables, only pieces of wood identical to those in the original furnishings were used. Exact oils were used to reproduce paints and portraits.

Duplication of all draperies and bedspreads were detailed to the precise number of tassles on the originals.

The research for the project spanned four Presidents' administrations. More than 200,000 manhours were spent on making the reproduc-tion which is valued at more than $1 million.

The house was presented to President and Mrs. Ford on Dec. 18 at the lighting of the national Christmas tree on the White House lawn. The exhibit is now crossing the United States.

Daul said school groups interested in touring the special exhibit may contact the Home Builders Association prior to the show.

Visitors to the show will also see new products for home building and .remodeling, including new windows, siding, insulation and paneling, Daul said.

There will also be floor plans of new types of homes being offered by local builders, he said, and visitors will hear about the subdivisions being planned for the area.

Among the 86 exhibitors will be Whitehead, Inc., realtors, Carpetland, U.S.A., Northern Illinois Gas Co., Wolohan Lumber Co., Sherwin Williams Co., City National Bank and Trust Co., Amerock Corp., Topper Security Systems and Rockford Fence Co.

This is the second year the show will be held at Cherryvale Mall.


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