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Now you can see White House Miniature

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1976-02-27 Monroe Evening Times Showcase Monroe WI cover small WHR
1976-02-27 Monroe Evening Times Showcase Monroe WI cover 1200 WHR
1976-02-27 Monroe Evening Times Showcase Monroe WI 1200 WHR

TIMES SHOWCASE, Friday, February 27, 1976 PAGE 19 

Now you can see White House miniature

In the soft glow of candlelight, the crystal sparkles and vermeil flatware gleams, reflecting the warmth from the fireplace as the State Dining Room awaits the arrival of its distinguished guests for a formal dinner at the White House.

For John and Jan Zweifel of Orlando, Fla., a dream of 16 years - a dream to create an authentic reproduction of the White House in miniature as a gift to their country — was realized on Dec. 18, 1975. On this date, the Zweifels presented the Hand Carved White House In Miniature for President and Mrs. Gerald Ford at the "Pageant of Peace," Washington, D.C., the Lighting of the National Christmas Tree. The following day, the miniature officially premiered its 50 state tour at Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, where it appeared for two weeks.

The Hand Carved White House in Miniature was accorded official national recognition by the American Revolution Bicentennial Ad-ministration on Nov. 7, 1975.

A Monroe-area native, Zweifel will be showing the Miniature at the 1976 Home Builders Assn. exhibit at Cherry Vale Mall, March 3-9 in Rockford, Ill., and area folks are welcome to visit it.

Since 1961, research has been carefully accumulated and documented, photographs have been scrutinized for the most minute details and a dedicated group of artists and craftsmen have contributed their talents to make the creation of the Hand Carved White House in Miniature a reality. Zweifel has gained recognition as "King of the Miniatures." 

THE LINCOLN BEDROOM, recreated in miniature, is one of the elegant rooms "open to the public" for the first time while The Hand Carved White House In Miniature is on its bicentennial tour of the United States. Here John Zweifel in real Lincoln Bedroom, draws research sketches and com-pares his miniature Lincoln Bed with the original piece so it is authentic in every detail.

CHECKS DETAIL — Jan Zweifel carefully re-checks every detail in the authentic miniature of the Green Room. Jan, nationally recognized interior designer, copies exact designs from originals, searches for identical materials with matching colors and does all sewing for the project.

BEAUTIFULLY detailed, Hand Carved White House In Miniature, showing the North Portico, was created by John and Jan Zweifel of Orlando, Fla., as a gift to their country and is an exquisite reproduction. Every detail is authentic Including furnishings, paintings, mirrors, china and original matched carpetings. The White House In Miniature will tour all fifty states during the Bicentennial Era. 


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