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Resolute Desk
RESOLUTE DESK- The Resolute desk is a large, nineteenth-century...
This fascinating, one-of-a-kind, miniature reproduction of the White House......
building the white house
On October 13, 1792 the corner stone was placed,...
On display are over a dozen actual LIFE-SIZE reproductions...
Used for receptions, luncheons, larger formal dinners, and state...
You don't have to go to South Dakota to...
The Four Freedoms were goals articulated by United...
404 We the People have not finished creating...

Traveling White House

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Special Election Booklet Inside
OCTOBER 3, 1980 VOL. 37, NO. 4

Scholastic News Trails
Traveling White House

The White House will be in Washington, D.C., this month! Does that sound silly? The real White House is always there. It's the building where the President lives and works. But another White House is now in Washington. It's a small model of the real one. All the rooms, rugs, lamps,and furniture in the model are like the real ones, too.

It took about 15 years to plan and build the model. Now it is sent from city to city all over the U.S. People who cannot visit the real White House can see the little one instead.

This year, the model completed its travel to all 50 states. In honor of this happening, the President came to the opening of the show when the little White House arrived in Washington, D.C.

P.S. #1: A big poster showing the White House is in your teacher's News Trails.

P.S. #2: A book about Presidents is in the center four pages of News Trails. You can make the book by following the directions. Fold pages where it says "fold here." Cut where it says "cut here."

Is this a giant? No, it's a child touching a tiny chair in a room of the mini White House. 

One side of the model is open so that people can look in and see the rooms. 

Photo from John Zweifel 


Albuquerque—Say: AL-buh-kur-kee.

300 thousand— This number is written 300,000.

Republicans—Say: rih-PUB-Iih-kuhns.


Independent—Say: in-dih-PEN-dent. This can be a person who does not belong to any special group of voters.

Transportation—Say: tranz-por-TAY-shun. This means ways of traveling from place to place.

candidate—Say: KAN-dih-date. This is a person running in an election.

campaign—Say: kam-PANE. This is the work done to try to get someone elected. It can be making speeches, sending out posters, being on TV, and so on.

NEXT WEEK IN NEWS TRAILS: Statue of Liberty ...Columbus Day ... Immigrants ... A Fill-in Mini Book ... Book Club Supplement. NOTE TO THE TEACHER: Two posters appear in your Teachers' Edition.

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