that reproduce the original stitch by stitch, are all proof of great craftsmanship and minute attention to detail.

What does it take to spend more than three decades on a model of the White House? For the Zweifel family along with hundreds of volunteers, the expenditure of a half million hours was more than a patriotic mission. This book also tells the story of the maneuvering and perseverance necessary to obtain the permissions and money necessary to reproduce the inside and outside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with absolute precision and fidelity. Color photographs of more than 30 well-known White House rooms, from the Oval Office to Lincoln's bedroom, capture the details of craftsmanship. The text explains not only the historical background of each room, but also the feats and talent required to build miniatures. -Barbara Jacobs


The Presidents Hall of Fame 123 N Hwy 27 Clermont, Florida 34711

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