Thank you to everyone who visited the Presidents Hall of Fame and voted during our mock election!

Exit polls revealed participating guest were not only from Clermont, but from various parts of Lake County, as well as North, South, East and West Florida!

We also had voters from the NORTHEAST, MIDWEST & WESTCOAST!

A couple were even from South America and Europe.

THE RESULTS ARE IN (with 192 ballots cast):

DONALD TRUMP         143

JOSEPH BIDEN                                  39

JO JORGENSON                                   1

Write ins:

Kanye West                                         1

"myself"                                              1

Howie Hawkins/Angela Hawkins            1

"Ye"                                                  1

"No viable candidate"                          1

"Any functioning adult"                        1

"microwave"                                      1

Frank                                               1

No VOTE                                         1

TOTAL BALLOTS CAST:                     192




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