Clermont Wax Museum For Presidents Started

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Clermont Wax Museum For Presidents Started

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 Clermont Wax Museum For Presidents Started

CLERMONT --- Construction started here this week on the 5,000 sq. ft. House of Presidents, a museum which will feature life-size wax likenesses of presidents from Washington to Kennedy.

The building adjacent to the Citrus Tower on U.S 27 is expected to be completed sometime in August.

LEWIS M. Moore is general contractor for the colonial style building. He presently finishing construction of the new Rametco Inc. plant on Grand Hwy.

The Citrus Tower and the House of Presidents will be two separate attractions operated by two different corporations. 

F. J. TOOLE of Pittsburgh  Pa. is president and treasure of the Museum Corporation.  A. S. Ekiert of Clermont is  vice president. R. J. Zardent of Pittsburgh, the secretary, and Clermont Mayor Joseph Bon Jorn, one of the directors.

Bon Jorn said yesterday he received correspondence from Toole that there still are some wax figures to be entry completed. They are beinging  made in Pittsburgh.

The museum will feature the wax figures in five rooms with canned speeches providing a 30-minute tour through history.



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