Lake County: A Fine Place to Work and Play

Lake County: A Fine Place to Work and Play

Orlando Sentinel 

November 26, 1964

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 Wax Museum

ONE OF LAKE County's newest attractions, The Presidential Wax Museum, was opened in Clermont this summer. It features 36 presidents in wax life-size.

There are five rooms of figures; each is spotlighted individually while a narration automatically comes on for each figure. The entire attraction is operated automatically.

The building is fashioned after the White House on a smaller scale.

THE PRESIDENTIAL Wax Museum is in the vicinity of the Florida Citrus Tower.

Also at the base of the tower are a restaurant, gift shop, Bohemian glass blowers and a working model citrus plant.

At regular intervals, Schulmerich Carrillon Bells chime to add to the atmosphere of charm and beauty. 



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