Short Stories - Presidents

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Short Stories - Presidents

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Dick McHenry


All of the nation's past chief executives from George Washington to John F. Kennedy will be taking immortal stands in Clermont at the end of the month.

F. J. Toole, president of the Presidential Wax Museum which is being completed next to the Citrus Tower, has brought the life-size presidents from Pittsburgh, Pa, after the lengthy process of having them and their clothes created and boxing them for shipping.

Toole has not taken any of the wax figures from their boxes yet but even before he does, a characteristic about one past president is noted easily.

William Howard Taft, 27th president, was considerably larger than the other presidents. His box is one-third larger than the others mainly because he weighed over 300 pounds in real life.

Three of the presidents will be dressed in uniforms Zachary Taylor, U. S. Grant, and Dwight D. Eisenhower since they were noted mainly as soldiers before their ascendency to the highest office in the country. Their clothes and those of the other presidents to be displayed were produced by five different Pittsburgh tailoring firms.  



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